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Free Shipping on orders $19.99 or more!

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Free Shipping on orders of $19.99 or more!


Absolute Battery

dōp absolute battery comes with a preheat function that loosens your thick oils so the can be vaped (1.8v).

You also have the ability to adjust the voltage between 3 preset, low heat, voltage settings (2.7v, 3.1v, 3.6v) that are specifically for your distillates.This device is equipped with passthrough micro USB charging technology.

AF nano Cartridge

dōp® af nano cartridge sets itself apart from competitors due to its vertical nano ceramic atomizer, top adjustable airflow, sealed bottom and spring pin technology.

vertical nano ceramic atomizer is baked at 1800 degrees F to ensure maximum porosity and hardness in order to provide continuous saturation and zero ceramic dust getting into your concentrate.

QUARTZ Cartridge

dōp® quartz cartridge offers the newest vaping technology on the market with our dōp quartz heating coil.

Enjoy the purest flavor profile from your concentrates that you have ever experienced. For optimal use we recommend using dōp absolute battery with preheat function and 3 low voltage settings.


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