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dōp absolute oil cartridge-quartz/ceramic tube

Posted by Andrew Beddor on

dōp absolute quartzOur new dōp® absolute kit rips through your concentrates  without diluents needed. Yet its versatile and can be also used with concentrates diluted concentrates as well. One cartridge for all your needs! dōp® absolute cartridge is made of quartz glass, platinum cured silicone, ceramic tube treated at 1800 degrees and stainless steel. Absolutely zero adhesives. So you can enjoy this product without any worry of toxic adhesives being vaporized like you do with 99% of our competitors. dōp absolute kit comes with a 400mah micro usb passthrough battery that has a preheat function as well as 3 preset, low voltages. Our dōp® absolute cartridge and dōp® absolute kit battery were made so that the battery cannot burn out cartridge from too much voltage output. Eliminating user and burned out atomizers. These 3 preset voltages allow customers to dial it in for their specific concentrate. Lowest voltage for distillate for optimal flavor profile and mid to high voltage output for other viscosities.

           When filling this cartridge, verify both o-rings are present. Both on the bottom of the mouthpiece and on the top of the stainless steel center post and that the silicone plug is covering the bottom threads. Fill cartridge with canula tip and syringe 85% full and then replace the mouthpiece tightly within 20 seconds of filling. Once these steps are completed make sure to flip your cartridge upside down for  24 hours. When ready to use, flip up right. Wait for concentrate to settle( heat if need to accelerate process). *This creates a crucial vacuum ensuring optimal functionality of your dōp absolute quartz cartridge.* Enjoy and spread the word about how much you love dōp absolute quartz oil cartridges with your friends!

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