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dōp® absolute battery


  • $19.99

Our dōp® absolute battery comes with a preheat function that loosens your thick oils so they can be vaped (1.8v) You also have the ability to adjust the voltages between 3 preset, low heat, voltage settings (2.7v, 3.1v, 3.6v) that are specifically for your distillates. This device is equipped with passthrough micro USB charging technology.  380 mAh. We recommend using dōp absolute battery with dōp af nano cartridge.

5 Clicks to power ON/OFF

3 Clicks to change between preset Voltages ( White 2.7v, Blue 3.1v, Red 3.6v)

2 clicks to Preheat for 15 seconds (Flashing Multicolor)

1 Click  and Hold down button for up to 10 seconds

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