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dōp® af nano cartridge


  • $7.29

dōp® af nano cartridge sets itself apart from competitors due to its vertical nano ceramic atomizer, top adjustable airflow, sealed bottom and spring pin technology.  Our vertical nano ceramic atomizer is baked at 1800 degrees F to ensure maximum porosity and hardness in order to provide continuous saturation and zero ceramic dust getting into your concentrate. Combining our top adjustable airflow function with our sealed bottom cartridge allows you to customize your vaping experience without any risk of your concentrate leaking out the bottom or your cartridge disrupting the contact with your battery. Our spring pin technology ensures optimal connection from your atomizer to your battery and prevents misfires. Our dōp absolute battery was designed to work with our dōp af nano cartridge combining 3 variable voltages and its crucial preheat function that warms thick and/or cold concentrates.

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